What is Web 3.0?

Over the past few months, I’ve been increasingly asked to share about Web 3.0. Though my thoughts on this topic are still raw and not fully developed, I truly believe that the Church needs to be considering, praying, debating, analyzing, and wrestling with this kairos moment that is now upon us and will soon envelop the whole world.

Christianity and America’s Founding

Few debates cause more division than that of America’s religious roots. An increasing number of Americans view our founding as purely secular and without Christian underpinning. But an objective and rigorous study of the Founding Era supports this conclusion: America’s founding and our freedoms were made possible by a thorough-going Christian theological framework.

Work is Worship

Does your work really matter? In Genesis 2 we witness the Creator God inviting Adam and Eve to create alongside Him. God recognizes “there was no man to….

How to Keep Up in a Rapidly Changing World

I was recently thinking about a UPS commercial where two consultants are telling a CEO everything they believe he should do to improve his company, such as building the supply chain and moving assembly overseas. When the CEO says to the consultants, “Great, do it!” the consultants are extremely confused and respond, “We don’t actually do what we propose. We just propose it.”

Empowering Laity

Connecting a group of people to its purpose starts with leaders. We’re tempted to talk more about the sacred. However, if God is redeeming all things, we must reframe how we invite others to a fresh Theology of Work.

Worldview and Education

Worldview has often been described as a lens, a set of presuppositions, or a framework of beliefs. While related to theology, philosophy, politics and ideology, worldview is broader. It can be thought of as how we see things—the big picture.

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