Righteousness Exalts a Nation

Rob Pacienza

In his June 30th sermon, Rev. Pacienza proclaimed that it is public righteousness that exalts a nation, but sin brings God’s reproach and judgment upon a people (Prov. 14:34). As a result of Jesus’ victory, God calls all peoples and nations to repent and believing in him, obeying his commands. Now Jesus reigns through the ministry of Christ’s Church—the true city on the hill—and all the nations are becoming his disciples.




What is Gen Z Looking For?

When my daughter, Natasha, was in college, she made a project that featured angels. When she told the professor that she believed in angels and the Bible, her professor began going after her, saying those were fantasies and fables.

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The American education system has always been religious. In fact, until the mid 19th century, every college and university was founded by a Christian denomination.

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Millions of parents are removing their children from public schools as test scores decline, and political and sexual indoctrination rises. We must radically reform education.

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We need voices that are faithfully Christian but also distinctively engaged in our world. I think this Institute is of enormous importance. May it flourish here in South Florida, but also be a precedent for many other similar movements around the country.

Os Guinness

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