The soul of the US is up for grabs - Can it be Restored?

Rob Pacienza

President Biden has pledged to restore the soul of the nation. A godless agenda won’t do. There are four critical steps to restore America: renewing our public moral culture, rethinking our understanding of human freedom, returning to a classical understanding of human nature, and pursuing a spiritual awakening in Christ.




What is Gen Z Looking For?

When my daughter, Natasha, was in college, she made a project that featured angels. When she told the professor that she believed in angels and the Bible, her professor began going after her, saying those were fantasies and fables.

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The Diane Bish Center for Music and the Arts offers training and education in a wide range of performing arts, striving for excellence in all areas for God’s glory. Lessons are offered each semester for both students and adults. Click below for information on the Center for Music and the Arts and how you can get involved!

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Use these questionnaires to survey the adults, parents, college and high school students your organization interacts with. The results can help churches, schools, and other ministries better understand the community they minister to. 

We need voices that are faithfully Christian but also distinctively engaged in our world. I think this Institute is of enormous importance. May it flourish here in South Florida, but also be a precedent for many other similar movements around the country.

Os Guinness

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