Christian Statesmen: In the House of the Heroes

Stephen Mansfield

What was this House of the Heroes? Scholars are unsure. Some say it was a place for the mighty men and great warriors to…




The Cultural Mandate

The expression “Cultural Mandate” is not a biblical designation, but it correctly describes a truth presented in Holy Scripture in association with the story of Creation. The Cultural Mandate relates to the command the earth’s first human occupants–Adam and Eve–received when the Almighty assigned to them and their descendants a major project with significant and continuing implications and consequences.

Sex and the City of God

For Christians, it is no longer surprising that the most popular television series and movies receive acclaim precisely for their antagonism of Christian values. But it remains disappointing that our society so easily dismisses the Christian moral framework that undergirds our nation’s founding and has guided most citizens’ aspirations for centuries.

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Dr. Voddie Baucham

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We need voices that are faithfully Christian but also distinctively engaged in our world. I think this Institute is of enormous importance. May it flourish here in South Florida, but also be a precedent for many other similar movements around the country.

Os Guinness