Stand Up and Make History: The Power of One Person’s Impact

Do you ever feel like your voice doesn’t matter, that your actions won’t make a difference? It’s a sentiment many of us grapple with, but at Women Impacting the Nation (WIN), we firmly believe that every individual holds immense potential to enact change. At WIN, we go by the motto “12-56-1,” which encapsulates this belief: there were ONLY 12 disciples, ONLY 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, and there is ONLY one Savior and Messiah—yet look at the monumental impact they made. So, what can you do?

Perhaps you think your one vote won’t sway an election or that societal apathy is too entrenched to overcome. But history tells a different story. From biblical figures like Gideon, Daniel, Joseph, and Esther to modern examples where single individuals made pivotal political decisions, the actions of individuals have repeatedly altered the course of history.

Maybe you think that America is doomed because too many people are apathetic, disengaged, disinterested, and fed up with our government not doing the right thing. It even feels like many Christians aren’t stepping up to the plate and STANDING. Don’t be discouraged!

God is not a God of the majority; He is a God of the minority. We see this in countless examples, including in the story of Gideon; he wanted an army of 33,000, but God provided a whopping 300.

There are also countless examples in more modern times.

States like Texas, California, and Iowa were ratified as states by only one vote.

Paul von Hindenburg, President of Germany, appointed Adolf Hitler as Chancellor; this pivotal event put a madman in power, and ultimately led to Hitler’s consolidation of power and the establishment of the Nazi regime.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair, the founder of American Atheists, singlehandedly got prayer and the Bible taken out of public schools through her lawsuit, Murray v. Curlett.

Now remember—12 disciples, 56 signers (of the Declaration), and one Savior/Messiah. So again, what can you do? Your actions or your lack of action could change the course of history. You can STAND for what is right and true and noble even if you are the only one standing. One man or woman with courage is a majority. One person can make a difference.

I love the story of Jean Parisot de la Valette, a 70-year-old man who stood up against the Turks as they tried to take down the last remaining fort in Malta, St. Angelo. Jean Parisot de la Valette would not easily accept defeat. As the formidable Turkish general Pasha assembled the largest fleet that ever sailed in the Mediterranean Sea and broke through the walls at St. Angelo, the mighty warriors started running away. They felt they were doomed until they saw their courageous 70-year-old leader standing in the shattered walls with sword in hand. This inspired them all, and they each then turned, picked up their weapons, and with a mighty roar came back to fight. Victory was not just for the knights of St. John but for all of Europe and because of this one man, the world would never be the same.

Jean Parisot de la Valette did what we all should do. He dropped ALL excuses. He could have said, “I am too old,” or “No one expects an old man to fight.” He could have rationalized that a leader should not risk his own life as he needs to be able to fight another day and his men need him for future battles. He could have accepted defeat, claiming that he had done his best. Instead, he dropped the excuses and refused to quit.

We have become a nation of excuses. Proverbs instructs us to stop using excuses because our excuses are useless. In today’s society, in order to save our country, we must dump the excuses and do what must be done. We must get educated about truth and facts, not emotion or conjecture. While we are all entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. We must learn about and fight for the truth.

We must learn to stand for what is right and not be afraid of what others think or say. We must stand for what the Lord says, and we must stand for our constitution that protects our God-given rights.
Will you be that one person who is willing to stand, do the right thing, be consistent, dependable, and persistent? Will you have the courage daily to do the right thing and be the one who changes the course of history?

Because when we show up, we WIN!


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