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“The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish tears it down with her own hands” (Proverbs 14:1, NASB)

Life is on the ballot in November. This article is about more than the policy implications of the upcoming abortion referendums in Florida and other states. I want to offer hope to women facing an unwanted pregnancy by sharing my story.

First, all of us must understand where we now stand, legally. When the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022 determining that the US Constitution does not guarantee the right to an abortion, the abortion battle became a state issue. This enables each state to make its own decisions regarding abortion. Since I live in Florida, I will use Florida as an example. The Florida Supreme Court has just approved the November 2024 abortion ballot language:

No law shall prohibit, penalize, delay, or restrict abortion before viability or when necessary to protect the patient’s health, as determined by the patient’s healthcare provider. This amendment does not change the Legislature’s constitutional authority to require notification to a parent or guardian before a minor has an abortion.

Now, Floridians will decide if a woman is legally allowed to have an abortion at any time. The Florida Supreme Court has also ruled that while we are waiting for the November election results, the six week abortion ban passed by the legislature will take effect in our state in May.




I am writing today to the women struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. I want to offer you hope by sharing about my hero, my mom, who was strong and courageous at fifteen when she chose me and chose life. As you contemplate what’s next, pause for a minute and ask yourself this question: What if having the baby could actually help? My mom will tell you that the best decision she ever made in her life was to choose life.

Here are just a few ways God will strengthen you and provide for you by choosing life:

  1. The wise woman builds her home (Proverbs 14:1).

    When God created you, he gave you the strength to carry out his plans for your life. You may not feel strong today as you wonder how you can care for a baby, but as you trust in God, he will go before you. Philippians 4:19 states, “And my God will supply all of your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” God created the unique life growing in you (Psalm 139:14), and because you and your baby are his creations, God will provide for you when you seek him. When I asked my mom how she managed to have me at sixteen years of age, she told me without hesitation that God provided all of her needs at all times. The wise woman builds her home knowing that God will promises to take care of her and her children.

  2. You need a support system.

    The government may support your decision to end life today, but that government will not be with you at the end of your life. You may think that programs like Social Security and Medicare will be there for you, but the way is being paved for a collapse of these programs. When America, with a declining birth rate and increasing national debt, aborts approximately 1 million babies a year, our country is creating a problem it cannot fix. You may think politicians should fix this problem, but they cannot because they will be voted out of office for even mentioning reforming the systems. When government programs dry up, I hope we will once again find value in the support system of the family. According to God’s design, parents nurture our children and children, in turn, support their parents when they are elderly. The life growing inside you now will be your support in the future; don’t destroy your future hope.

  3.  Loneliness kills.

    There is a loneliness epidemic in our world and the government cannot solve this problem. Countries around the world appoint Ministers of Loneliness and states within the US create government agencies to battle the problem, but nothing replaces God’s design for the family unit. Families care for each other emotionally, financially, and physically. No matter how much money you have or don’t have, at some point you will want your family to be there to help you. At some point, the baby you chose will be the person holding your hand at the end. I know this because my mom is in the late stages of dementia and I am holding her hand as long as I can.

God has the perfect plan for you and your family. God wants you to trust him in all things. States may pass laws allowing you to end life, but choosing life will bless you beyond what you can imagine. Pray and seek God’s word as you make choices to ensure that your home is built on a strong foundation!


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