Are We Running Out Of Institutions to Destroy?

In the spirit of inclusivity, the Boy Scouts announced a name change last week. They are dropping the gender-specific boy from their name and they will simply be called Scouting America. I can’t help but wonder which institution will be next in the race to capitulate to the heresy of wokeness.

We’ve already witnessed the destruction of women and girls sports, thanks to the progressive notion that biological males who identify as females are indeed female and should be allowed to play with the girls. Along with that came the elimination of single-sex spaces for females in prisons and locker rooms as trans-women continued their invasion into all aspects of girlhood. The revisions in Title IX pave the way for even more unfairness for women.

That being said, why should we be surprised that an institution like the Boy Scouts of America would cave to political correctness? Their name change is scheduled to take effect on February 8, 2025, to coincide with their 115th anniversary, although girls have been welcome for some time now to help with their flagging membership in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal. In 2017, the organization flexed to allow trans-identified girls to join and in 2019 they opened their ranks to all girls, much to the chagrin of the Girl Scouts.

While many feminists have expressed outrage at the loss of single-sex spaces and opportunities for women due to the advancement of transgender rights, I guess it’s the boys’ turn now. Turns out the gender demolition derby is an equal opportunity offender. This is not just about erasing women anymore—although it is arguable that women have experienced the lion’s share of injustices resulting from the advancement of gender ideology.

The ideologues want to do away with gender distinctions from every facet of life and pretend that males and females are all the same. We are all the same in that we are all human, but we must get back to the basics of everything we were taught in eighth grade biology. There are distinct differences between males and females that should be celebrated, not abolished.

Pretending there are no differences between the sexes will cause more harm than good. The sooner we get back to recognizing the beauty of our God-given biological reality, the sooner we can heal from all the commotion and confusion around sex and gender in recent years.

There are distinct differences between males and females that should be celebrated, not abolished.

As much as females deserve the dignity of single-sex spaces in areas where they feel most vulnerable, like locker rooms and restrooms, boys also deserve a place where male bonding and camaraderie is encouraged. Because most of life is coed, having groups like Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts has afforded children the opportunity to develop self-confidence and skills without the added pressure of seeking approval from the opposite sex.

It’s not just children who need a place to be with members of their own gender, but adults need it, too. In fact, recent research highlights a ‘friendship recession’ that has contributed to an increase in loneliness for adult males. This demonstrates the importance of preserving opportunities for bonding within the genders, even in childhood like Boy Scouts, so that as boys grow into men, they will have the confidence to forge relationships with other men. However, if we continue to dismantle single-sex experiences and blend all people together, we miss out on important socialization with people of our same sex.

My mom is an avid and dedicated member at her local chapter of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), a global organization of women dedicated to community improvement through volunteer service. I wonder how soon it will be before they will also undergo a name change. I reckon one day they will just be called “Clubs” in order to promote inclusivity.

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day. Is it only a matter of time before they change the name to Birthing Person’s Day?


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