Engaging with Culture

I’m a Matthew 5:9 child. Were my heart a forest, peace would be the log cabin deep in the woods, with a spindling smoke trail winding above the evergreen. Still. Settled. Quiet. And longing to stay that way.

Defining Humanity in Our Own Image

Expanding our life experiences, maximizing skill, advancing beyond routine—we are on a treadmill of seeking to transcend human frailty and live the way we want.

True Courage and Sexual Identity in Politics

Much of what counts for true courage these days is the quiet labor that leads while louder voices whimper for attention. True courage doesn’t demand service; true courage serves. True courage learns and loves while no one’s looking.

What Is This Cultural Moment?

This is a very important topic because, having lived in the United States for several years, one of the things that is almost always missing in the Christian worldview is a sense of time. This starkly contrasts the biblical worldview, which is filled with numerous references to time, history, and generations.

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