The Simple Truth About Reversing America’s Current Death Spiral

Reflecting in the aftermath of July Fourth reminds us that the craziness sweeping the country is fundamentally out of national character and goes way beyond politics and election cycle conflict. In fact, in all the areas critical to sustaining the viability and sovereignty of the U.S., the decline has been accelerating so fast that failure and collapse could take place in a matter of years – not decades – if the death spiral trends are not stopped and reversed.

Pride Month: Christians, We Must Not Be Complicit

If anybody is left wondering about the status of biblical Christianity in the American public square, they need to look no further than Pride Month. During June—that’s right, the entire month of June—the LGBTQ+ coalition bombards the airwaves and parties in the streets, celebrating the behaviors and attitudes of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersexual, and asexual.

Don’t Forfeit US Sovereignty to Reset Federal Reserve System

As we connect the dots and put together the puzzle of what’s going on globally, and here at home, we must first take ourselves out of denial, overcome the normalcy bias, and recognize that everything is different now than it has been at any previous time in history.

The Church’s Response to Human Trafficking

I shared my story with the pastor of my church and felt judged, and it was as if they had no idea how else to respond.” Haunting statements like this one no longer shock me.

Jesus Christ, The World’s Only Hope

Outside my study window, autumnal winds have stripped bare the trees and a grey squirrel is busy hoarding away another chestnut. I briefly ponder the wonder of the natural world with all its abundance and variety.

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